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Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and valued.

We support and empower individuals, schools, school districts, churches, nonprofits and others to improve their ability to face equity issues and develop effective and inclusive programs and processes to sustain student, staff and board commitments to equity and justice. 

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Equity-centered Coaching and Consulting

Arika Mareck, Principal is a licensed 5-12 Communication Arts and Literature teacher and holds a Master of Arts degree in Education. Most recently she served as a BARR Program Manager -- West Region where she led a team of approximately 20 trainers and coaches while serving schools in Minnesota, Maine, California, New York, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Tennessee.  She has also taught 7th grade and helped develop an equity coaching system at Eastern Carver County Schools.  She previously worked as a district-wide Equity Coach, which is a teacher-coaching model that she co-created, implemented, and expanded in the St. Louis Park school district.  Ms. Mareck also researched, created, implemented, taught in and coordinated the St. Louis Park High School Non-Traditional Academy for underserved  students, which in its first year had a 94% success rate and in its second and third years had a 100% success rate. In addition, she implemented and advised the SOAR (Student Organization Against Racism) group, coordinated the St. Louis Park High School Learning Lab, and has helped write and create materials for BARR.  Ms. Mareck has served as an equity leader and underserved student advocate since she began her teaching career and has presented nationally on equity.  She has received equity leadership awards and honors for her teaching. She firmly believes the United States can eliminate the racial disparities in public education and society as a whole and that this begins with individual beliefs and practices.

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When we begin listening to each other, and when we talk about things that matter to us, the world begins to change. Everyone has the capacity to be able to figure out how to make a difference. Listening and talking to one another heals our divisions and makes us brave again.”

Margaret Wheatley, Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future

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As I wrap up my 18th year of teaching, I can pinpoint the single greatest impact of my career: equity coaching.  Arika's equity coaching has shifted how I instruct, prepare, assess and evaluate every lesson. I know that as a teacher, I am also a learner. Equity is a journey that we are all on and Arika has the exceptional ability to meet teachers where they are at.

Allison Luskey, Health Teacher, MN

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Working with Arika has been one of the best resources I've had as an educator. She is kind, compassionate, caring, and always willing to help. She is someone that takes a problem and works to find the solution not just patch the problem. When you are working with Arika, you feel like you matter. You feel supported and validated that the work you are doing matters.

Robbin Featherston, Science Teacher and BARR Coordinator, AZ


Arika has never lost the heart of a teacher. Her work as an education leader continues to keep students at the heart of our shared work, and she complements that with a strong equity analysis and commitment to justice.

Graig Meyer, NC State Representative and former Social Worker

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Adult learning is not just a job to Arika-it’s her calling--Her passion-her call for authentic and vulnerable humanity. Her learning targets: To Coach. To listen. To consider all stakeholders. To collaborate. To lean in on tough conversations. To actually have conversations. Arika expertly adapts to participants' needs through discussion, reflection and inspirational nudges throughout your training experience.

Erinn Flowers, Personalized Learning Coach, MN

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